Want to fulfill you or your partners dreams or just to add a little spice? Let us arrange your Ultimate fantasy date night and Boudoir session?  We’ll book you into a luxury hotel and there you’ll be treated like a super model with the full hair and makeup treatment, to have you looking your sexiest!

You’ll then star in your own luxurious boudoir shoot in the hotel in your favorite lingerie sets. We know you’ll love the images and you’ll want to share them with your partner but wait! Your partner will receive an invitation to meet you with instructions included if there are any rules you want them to follow. (Have a favorite outfit of theirs you like, just include it in the invitation.)

We’ll provide you with a couple of polaroid prints from your boudoir session, just the right size to discretely slip into you purse and reveal during dinner.

We’ll put some champagne on ice, put the do not disturb sign on the door and once we’re done we’ll slip away leaving you to enjoy the night and the hotel room.

(We’ve used the Biltmore as an example here but the hotel may vary)